Starting Cafenet

I’ve always wanted to start a project that could be considered a real contribution to my community. However, this is somewhat difficult without a lot of free time on your hands. That being said, I’m currently in staycation mode between jobs so I decided to hack together a service to address a need in my local area.

The Problem

Semi-skilled service workers require training and experience to be effective. Conversely, these jobs are typically lower wage part-time jobs that are looked at as a transitional position. This creates pressure for workers to leave their positions as soon as possible and leaves business owners constantly investing in training new personnel. The time and effort spent making up for this churn is substantial. At least, I believe it is. I’ll document my research here in a series.

The Solution -?-

Create a reliable system for small business owners in a given industry(starting with coffee shops) to find and connect with qualified professionals in their local area.

The Service


A simple peer-to-peer non-profit site where barista’s can create a profile, add their skills and have them verified through a simple survey sent to their previous employer. Additionally I’m envisioning some sort of inter-coffeeshop shift scheduling system to allow for piecing together a full-time job from pary-time shifts.

A POC version of this will need just enough work to keep me happy for the next couple weeks. The plan is to post my progress here and hopefully learn something.