Welcome to my personal landing page, blog, whatever. I'll be using this to host experiments and projects.


Starting FeedMachine

awesomefeedmachine.com has been a side project of mine ever since google shutdown their rss service. I’ll be documenting my work on this project here. Now of course there are numerous rss readers apps out there, I just want to try rolling my own. The Problem I haven’t yet completed a full rss reader project after years of tinkering. Unless you count my original version which I’ve lost the code for. Read more...

Starting Cafenet

I’ve always wanted to start a project that could be considered a real contribution to my community. However, this is somewhat difficult without a lot of free time on your hands. That being said, I’m currently in staycation mode between jobs so I decided to hack together a service to address a need in my local area. The Problem Semi-skilled service workers require training and experience to be effective. Conversely, these jobs are typically lower wage part-time jobs that are looked at as a transitional position. Read more...

Getting Started

Hey there, you’ve landed on my personal website. ##Welcome!## I’ll be using this space to host my random experiments and ramblings. Follow along as I experience the joy of planning and hacking on random side projects.
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